Data Collection – Qualitative and Quantitative

Data Collection - Qualitative and Quantitative

Qualitative data is known or defined as the data that gives some character. This type of data is non-numerical, and defines something through text. Qualitative data collection or qualitative research can be done through a series of observations.

We, at AMT, Excel in qualitative Research. Our team conducts PAPI surveys and CATI surveys, which would assist a lot in data collection.

We also have a focus group on different market research analysis.

Our aim is to focus on consumer behaviour , and collect the results. These are then analysed completely.

Qualitative research is extremely important as it provides definition and characteristics of the market research.

Coming to quantitative data collection, it can be defined as a certain type of data collection which has some numerical value associated with it. This may include currencies exchange value, share value, etc. Our team at AMT also focuses on quantitative research. This may include obtaining data from a wide range of sources. We also offer mystery shopping, CATI surveys, and PAPI surveys, to obtain much more precise data.

Our team is highly experienced in data collection, analyzing the data, and presenting it in an acceptable manner. We are one of the top organizations that offer precise data  collection, both quantitative and qualitative.