Desk Research Work

Desk Research Work

As mentioned in the title, desk research is basically a technique where one is required to collect data and information by sitting at a desk. This includes collecting data from resources. But, desk research work is extremely vital for any market researching work, as taking action on something requires some previous data on it.

But, this depends on the person working on it. Desk Research work might not redeem any success if the research is not conducted properly. Therefore, we, at AMT provide high quality desk research work.

Our team focuses on qualitative research and quantitative research, while collecting data about the market.

This provides to be extremely useful as one can decide the next step precisely.

AMT doesn’t only collect data Indirectly, we conduct PAPI surveys and CATI surveys to extract the required information.

Besides this, we also offer mystery shopping, wherein, our team will conduct research on any e-commerce and other businesses.

Conclusively, desk Research work also depends on consumer behaviour. AMT provides a complete data collection work on market research and analysis.

Our main goal is to provide desk research work to our clients in a more efficient and productive manner.

This includes creating focus group, and indulging in questionnaire and interviews.