Field Research

AMT - Field Research

Field research work is one of the most important aspects in market research. Field research work can be defined as a qualitative method of collecting data from various sources which would result in an understanding of the behaviour of the market.

Field research helps us understand the consumer behavior, and how the market is responding to it.

Therefore, before taking any action, field research is a must.

We, at AMT, give our best in field research work. Our team at AMT have a lot of cumulative experience, which would definitely help in market researching.

We offer complete qualitative research, and quantitative research. Therefore, you won’t have to do the research part.

As mentioned above, data collection is our major goal, and we thrive to succeed in that.

A major part of data collection occurs through surveys. Therefore, we collect data like interests, and behaviour of people through PAPI surveys, and through CATI surveys, where one would be interviewed via phone.

Besides this, we also maintain different focus group to get results and data.

Our field research work is based on data, and consumer behavior. Therefore, it is reliable, and definitely worth it.